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4 Lane Swimming Pool

So we need to make our voice heard. Loud and clear. Urgently.

 There is also a paper petition available:

What might a new pool look like?

The Sport England web site shows what affordable community swimming pools look like.

Sport England also publish a useful costing schedule for many types of sporting facilities which can be found here.

This shows that a 25 metre pool with 4 lanes can be built for around £3.7 million. This could be combined with a gym or other facility to make it more sustainable.

Currently, the council is building a new theatre in Uxbridge when there is already a theatre at the Beck in Hayes within a four-mile radius. Yiewsley and West Drayton residents need a new, local swimming pool.

Contact:       info@yiewsley.org

Help us get a new swimming pool in Yiewsley

Hillingdon Council demolished the old Yiewsley swimming pool after the 2010 local council elections. They promised to build a new health centre on the site but these plans fell through.

Yiewsley needs a new swimming pool built on the site of the old swimming pool off Otterfield Road.

This Hillingdon Council document shows what happened when the pool was closed and 600 people signed a petition to keep it open - Click here

Contact:       info@yiewsley.org


Secret Hillingdon Cabinet report about the Yiewsley swimming pool site revealed. Following a successfully appealed Freedom of Information Act request, the Council sent us a censored report on the swimming pool site.

Please see the report, as redacted by the council, - here.

The Council are still considering our petition to get a new swimming pool. The petition was heard on 21 June 2017.

Please see agenda and minutes here - (Agenda and Minutes)

Our submission to the Council’s petition hearing is here.